The Last Iteration of Dexter Maxwell
The first book in a series that takes the reader on an exciting journey to find out who Dexter Maxwell really is. The novel explores the intersection of different technologies and how they evolve subject to one another, and the intersection of science and faith. There are implicit thematic elements of sustainability and balance, and on the influence of information technology. -- Dex knows first-hand how tough it is living on the edge of a thoroughly technologized civilization in Grenver, Colorado. But it also has its perks. With his small league of street-smart outcasts, he's snarled the system with some of the most brazen stunts of the 22nd century. Not bad for an orphaned sewer rat that can't remember his childhood and will most likely end up iced for ages like any other criminal. No past, no future: no problem. As long as Dex has his friends and his mischief, he'll be alright. But after a botched stunt, Dex wakes up a foreigner in a brutal, bizarre underground city controlled by more than one shameless force-blind, a sword strapped to his back, and an old man telling him he's the vital component of the coming revolution. Dex can barely take in the reality of a new time before he's on the run, hunted by vicious assassins, and mixed up in a deadly plot a millennium in the making-and with the fate of two worlds at stake. -- Start an action-packed journey with THE LAST ITERATION OF DEXTER MAXWELL to find out who Dexter Maxwell really is. ADVENTUROUS SCIENCE FICTION SEASONED WITH SUSTAINABILITY.

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Published by: Capscovil
Date published: December 14, 2012 00:00:00.000
Edition: Edition 1
ISBN: 3942358301
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