Middlework: Unlock the Underestimated and Unappreciated Secret to Success
Stop Hating the Middle, and Embrace What It’s Secretly Doing for Your Company!

Let’s be honest: There’s nothing we like more than beating up on middle managers. They have a reputation for being useless at best, and at worst, the resource-sucking noise that cripples a company.

But recent studies have found that there’s a secret sauce to great companies who get great results, and its not just great workers or great leaders. Instead, it’s great middle management that is holding complicated, messy, sophisticated endeavors on track.

From the characteristics of great middle managers to the work they must do to ensure successful results, Matthew Hart covers what it takes to be truly great at the Middlework.

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Date published: June 5, 2013 00:00:00.000
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ISBN: 1484090195
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