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Telecommuting versus lazy management: yet another opinion

There's been plenty of coverage around the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, banning all telecommuting. Lots of people began speaking out on the subject, including my CEO. Lest you believe I have no opinion on this, fear not! For I do.? But it's not s a sim… more »

Reviews, Press Releases, and the bare honesty of older sisters

So, news on Last Iteration is beginning to, um, trickle in. First off, check out the press release as seen here at Times Union. I worked with Capscovil Books on the PR, which is sort of like a blurb, only also sort of even more information. If the blurb… more »

Love is Where the Minecraft Is

I had an interesting experiment play out over the holidays. This was caused by the fact that I took some time off from work, but didn't go anywhere, and my kids had time off, and didn't go anywhere. And it got cold out-- real cold. So, me being the magn… more »

The Blurb from the Alternate Universe

There's the blurb on the back of my novel, which you can read on Amazon here. Then there's the blurb we wrote for folks in the Internet of Things group, which you find here, but I've also included it here. It's not bad either. It's made me realize that… more »

The Elephant in the Room

Any person's relationship with technology is, by definition, rather personal.? No, scratch that. I should start with my organization challenges. I'm always trying to get too much done in too little time.? No, that's not right either. Hmm. Okay, so h… more »

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