Archives for: December 2012

The Blurb from the Alternate Universe

There's the blurb on the back of my novel, which you can read on Amazon here. Then there's the blurb we wrote for folks in the Internet of Things group, which you find here, but I've also included it here. It's not bad either. It's made me realize that… more »

The Elephant in the Room

Any person's relationship with technology is, by definition, rather personal.? No, scratch that. I should start with my organization challenges. I'm always trying to get too much done in too little time.? No, that's not right either. Hmm. Okay, so h… more »

The Blurbification of Dexter Maxwell

So, if you follow me, or know anyone that follows me, on Twitter or FB, you probably already saw that my first novel, The Last Iteration of Dexter Maxwell, is now available for order on amazon (link).? The fact that this book I've been working on for y… more »