Are you...

... Having trouble keeping sophisticated projects on track?

... Finding it difficult to balance the demands coming from above and below?

... Looking to move into management?

... Already managing, and struggling to connect with your employees?

... Unsure how to best organize your team for success?

... Faced with new challenges in a changing corporate landscape?

The Workshop (consisting of 2 half day sessions) is offered twice:
  • Workshop A: July 27-28
  • Workshop B: July 28-29
Betsol office, Bangalore
Includes eight hours of intensive workshop with Matthew Hart, Author of Middlework and Vice President, Arise Virtual Solutions.

Cost of rs5000 covers both sessions -- An unparalleled value.

Email to sign up today!

Join Matthew Hart for an immersive experience that will give you:

  • The framework for personal success in the middle of any company
  • The Seven most important behaviors you must nurture to succeed
  • Experience and tips on the Six calibrating activities of great managers
  • A realistic roadmap to expanding your career beyond your current limits
Success in the middle can come down to your behaviors and the actions you prioritize. You can set yourself up for promotion and your ensure your company’s success through a combination of behavioral changes and focusing on the right actions for the middle.

Maximize your effectiveness and learn what it takes to be a great performer at your company.